A Quick History of the Paddleboarding Journey to Bohemia

1. Africa and South America
2. Hawaii (50s and 60s)
3. Los Angeles (2004 – )
4. Czech Republic 🇨🇿 (2009)

Already in the ancient cultures of Africa and South America , various types of vessels were used , on which they stood and were set in motion by bouncing off the bottom of fishing rods or spears read to fight (Addison, 2013).

It is rather difficult to determine where the modern concept of SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) really began . Most of the texts refer to surfing instructors in the 1950s and 1960s in Hawaii , who used a longer paddle to move in a standing position in order to take better pictures of other surfers . Surfing and Stand Up Paddling is therefore closely related, which can be seen on the results lists of current international competitions , when most of the dominant riders come from a surfing background.

Until 2004 , it was more of an alternative to surfing mostly in Hawaii , until Rich Thomas, a Vietnam veteran , introduced the sport to California with a big smile and a refreshing approach . With his support and setting the tone for the community of that time , he prepared the ground for growth . Thomas formed a loyal tribe in San Diego , from where people like Bob Long, founder of the first SUP equipment store - West Coast Paddle Sports, began to emerge . More specialized shops followed , as well as the production of new, adapted equipment (Addison, 2013).

`` In California, modern stand-up paddling had a clear surfing heritage and became known almost as an exclusive surfing activity , at least until 2005 '' (Addison, 2013) .

Many people began to practice stand-up paddling not only to ride waves , but also to practice yoga on more stable boards , pilates , to ride on flat water inland , which led to the formation of the first races oh ​Stand-up paddling began to appear also on wild water , from calmer currents to higher classes of rapids . New disciplines began to emerge, thanks to which paddle - boarding began to spread from California and Hawaii , as well - known tourist destinations , to the whole world .

SUP in Prague, 2009

Paddle-boarding came to the Czech Republic in 2009 thanks to the Starboard company represented by Patrik Hrdina, a former Olympian in Wing-Surfing. The first board is solid , but gradually inflatable ones start to appear, thanks to which paddle - boarding reaches the wider public and gains more popularity .

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