About the 4SP Brand

Vision 4SP

The vision is to become a co-creator of the future Olympic sport by bringing inspiration to the SUP lifestyle and providing innovative solutions that result in a fuller experience on the water and a consequent more colorful life.

about the 4SP brand


Ambition is to make the world a better place by highlighting paddle boarding as a healthy, sustainable sport that can be practiced at any age and in any place.

To support the community of paddle-boarders and create opportunities for talents who want to compete on the water, get to know the world, be better athletes and people for their surroundings and society.

about 4SP


  • Paddle-boarding is an Olympic sport (excellence, uniting nations, respect, fair-play, loyalty, culture and aesthetics)
  • is about community (friendship, family – support, humility, depth, love),
  • is cool (from shared experiences on rivers and lakes to the sea and ocean),
  • is about a healthy lifestyle (freedom, discovery, curiosity and mental health),
  • it is about the beauty of nature and respecting it.


Team 4SP

Person in a close team (4SP Team) should be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind, brave, clean and respectful.

This is related to truthfulness and openness (even though it can be uncomfortable at times).

We believe in the process of finding the perfect ride.

We value healthy competition, pioneering, friendship, respect for the environment and ambition the most .

We are here to create lifelong memories and healthy, sustainable lifestyles for all generations.

Team 4SP