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2024 Starboard All Star

2024 Starboard All Star

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The racing paddleboard that wins. Under all conditions.

From entry level riders to elite racers; All Star has countless victories in international and world championship races. All Star is the choice for all conditions and is the most versatile racing shape.

All Star recently won 12 medals from the 2023 ICF World Championships in Thailand, 6 world titles:

🏅 Sprint – Noic Garoid
🏅 Technical – Connor Baxter
🏅 Technical Master – Marie Buchanan
🏅 Long Distance – Noic Garoid
🏅 Long Distance – Espe Barreras
🏅 Long Distance Master – Marie Buchanan

Certificates and prizes

Gear Of The Year – SUP Connect (Racing Gear) 2021

Gear Of The Year – SUP Connect (Racing Gear) 2022

Total SUP Awards, Best SUP Race Brand 2023

10X Climate Positive

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Introducing the new All Star 2024 / 2025

News 2024 / 2025

NEW Rounded heel design (tail-u)

The new rounded tail creates a better hydro-dynamic flow at the stern, for less water splash and faster board glide.

News 2024 / 2025

NEW Open cockpit design

The front of the cockpit has been reduced to save weight and the board gives the rider more room in the standing area.


NEW Inner deck (deck)

The slope of the standing surface has been tuned for more comfortable standing and better water drainage when turning (pivots) . Further reduced volume for great weight savings.


NEW Floss box (fin-u)

The 10” box gives riders the flexibility to set up their flosen depending on their racing style. Short course racers would benefit from a more forward fin for fast turns, while longer races would benefit from a more rear fin.

Box placement varies for downwinding as some riders may prefer less or more control when surfing bumps.

News 2024 / 2025

NEW Vee tail

The refined V-shape under the board proved to be the most efficient and stable All Star concept to date. The shape of the stern aids in rider observation and control, providing full control on flats and in the surf, which aids a better release.


    For every Paddleboard produced, the Starboard brand plants 3 mangrove trees with the Worldview International Foundation.

    Each tree absorbs 673 kg of CO2 during the first 25 years.

    50% of the absorption goes to offset the production of the board and 50% is secured as carbon credits to finance livelihood projects in Myanmar.

    The average emission from the production of a Starboard board is 100 kg of CO2.

    Planting 3 trees on 1 board will compensate it 10x.

    All Star Blue Carbon has an average carbon footprint of 159.12 kg CO2e per 1 board.

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    1.4 kg of plastic waste is collected by the Starboard crew on beaches in Thailand and Myanmar.

    Globally, an individual is responsible for 1.4 kg of plastic entering the ocean each year.

    Starboard offsets this volume for its customers.

    All Star Blue Carbon has an average plastic volume of 12.62 kg per board

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