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Paddle Starboard Lima Carbon Pre Preg

Paddle Starboard Lima Carbon Pre Preg

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The paddle that wins.

Not only in the Czech Republic, but especially in the world.

The straight line catch and the ability to automatically redirect momentum and power is why the World Champions Starboard Dream Team chooses the Lima.

This is the new standard in high performance world paddling.

Is it for you?

This is a racing special. So if you want to ride often, or you want to have the best paddling weapon. this is it.

For the experienced paddleboarder:
For advanced users looking for a paddle with high efficiency and control that can handle a variety of water conditions, including riding waves or touring.

Environmentally Responsible Paddleboarders: For those who want to actively contribute to the protection of the environment, this paddle offers the option of collecting trash from the water while riding.

Racing Paddleboarders: Although not a dedicated racing paddle, its high efficiency and control make this paddle suitable even for racers looking for a reliable tool for training or for lower level competitions. For this use, however, we rather recommend a different type of paddle, e.g. Lima Carbon Prepreg.

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  • 100% Performance 🚀

    The direct catch of the paddle and the ability to automatically redirect to the float's movement is the reason why the Starboard racing team of world champions (Dream Team) chooses the Lima.

    World champions from the Starboard Dream team boast that the Lima paddle propels their board faster.

    This is the new standard in high performance paddling.

  • Great (low) weight

    This paddle is one of the lightest on the market. It can reach (rather reduce) up to 400 grams . Like a feather. Which you will especially appreciate during longer hikes on bodies of water, when even hundreds of grams count in the order of thousands of shots.

  • Paddle of the World Champions 🏅

    Starboard Dream Team riders race with production paddles, the same paddles you do . Here are their settings:

    Connor Baxter 71 kg chooses Lima XL for Tech & Sprint discipline / Lima L for Long distance, S35
    Michael Booth 78kg chooses Lima XL with S35 stiffness for all conditions
    Esperanza Barrera 61kg is chosen by Lima M
    Fiona Wylde 64kg chooses Lima M with S45 stiffness for all conditions
    Clément Colmas 68kg chooses Lima M with stiffness S30
    Caterina Stenta 54kg chooses Lima M

  • Great for outings in nature 🌱, as well as on the race track

    Bart De Zwart, an expedition SUP legend , says: “I chose the Lima M S35 with a longer shaft than most of the other riders. This is because in longer races you stand straighter and the stroke is longer with a lower frequency.”

the specifics of Lima


The specifics of lima

Super Handle

  • The new Super Handle is changing the way we paddle
  • The flat top and wide handle create a new strong leverage effect throughout the paddle and blade
  • Especially good for crosswinds and keeping the board in the direction you want to hold.

lima specifics

10° Slope of the sheet

The Lima features a 10° angle at the base of the blade for effective catch phase capture. Combine that with a unique narrow and flat profile that allows you to pull the blade very close to the board for a really nice line - forward direction.

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