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SUP Paddle Starboard Lima Tufskin, 2 parts

SUP Paddle Starboard Lima Tufskin, 2 parts

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Starboard's Lima Tufskin Paddle is great for paddlers looking for a variety of paddle lengths , or to share a paddle with friends and family.

A new concave and tapered blade shape integrating the latest from the World Champions Lima Pre-preg paddles. Slim profile, high stiffness and lower weight. The large surface area of ​​the blade allows for maximum forward movement even when not fully submerged.

Never before has a basic paddle been so close to a top performance paddle like the Lima Prepreg Carbon.

Is it for you?

For Recreational Paddleboarders: For those looking for a reliable and powerful paddle for their recreational paddleboarding that can be easily adjusted to their preferences and height.

For the experienced paddleboarder:
For advanced users looking for a paddle with high efficiency and control that can handle a variety of water conditions, including riding waves or touring.

Family Use: The adjustable length makes it an ideal paddle for family outings where the paddle can easily adapt to different users.

Environmentally Responsible Paddleboarders: For those who want to actively contribute to the protection of the environment, this paddle offers the option of collecting trash from the water while riding.

Racing Paddleboarders: Although not a dedicated racing paddle, its high efficiency and control make this paddle suitable even for racers looking for a reliable tool for training or for lower level competitions. For this use, however, we rather recommend a different type of paddle, e.g. Lima Carbon Prepreg.

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  • Versatility and performance 🚀

    The two-piece and adjustable length allows the paddle to be adapted to different users and situations. The concave shape of the blade and slim profile increase the control and speed of the cut, which improves its efficiency.

  • Durable quality and environmental friendliness 🌱

    The carbon rod and Tufskin sheet are impact resistant , ensuring long life and suitability for a variety of conditions. The paddle is equipped with a garbage collection hook, which allows you to collect plastic and other trash from the water while paddling.

  • Comfort and controllability

    The paddle features a super conformable handle to your palm with a flat top and a wide grip that provides comfortable and efficient paddling.

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Blade length: 16.5 inches / 42 cm

Blade width: 7.2 inches / 18.2 cm

Area: 83.8 in² / 551.4 cm²

Total length of fixed bar : 84.6 inches / 215 cm

Minimum adjustable length : 62.6 inches / 159 cm

Maximum adjustable length : 84.8 inches / 213.6 cm

Weight: approx. 765 g

Other specifics

S35 Stiffness : Popular with taller paddleboarders using longer poles for more stiffness and unbreakability.

Round rod 29 mm : The lightest and most versatile rod. Preferred for all-round paddling and wave riding.

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